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Columbia Heights Sports

Columbia Heights, Minnesota

Bowling-CHHS Varsity 1997
Bowling-CHHS Junior Varsity 1998
Bowling-CHHS Varsity 1998
Bowling-CHHS Varsity 1999
Bowling-CHHS Varsity 2000
Bowling-CHHS Varsity 2001
Bowling-CHHS Varsity 2002
Bowling-Saturday Youth-YABA 1998-1999
Bowling-Saturday Youth-YABA 2000-2001
Bowling-Saturday Youth-YABA 2001-2002
Bowling-Saturday Youth-YABA 2002-2003
Bowling-Sunday Youth-Metro Traveling 2001-2002
Bowling-Sunday Youth-Metro Traveling 2002-2003

Baseball-Central Middle School 1999
Baseball-Central Middle School 2000
Baseball-WIZARDS 1995
Baseball-WIZARDS 1996
Baseball-WIZARDS 1997
Baseball-WIZARDS 1998
Baseball-WIZARDS 1999
Baseball-WIZARDS 2000
Baseball-CHHS JV 2000
Baseball-CHHS JV 2002
Baseball-CHHS Varsity 1999
Baseball-CHHS Varsity 2000
Baseball-CHHS Freshman 2001
Baseball-Tri-City Blue 1999
Baseball-Tri-City Blue 2000
Baseball-FallBall 1999
Baseball-FallBall 2001
Baseball-FallBall 2002
Baseball-Fallball 2003

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Youth Sports

This web site provides information about youth sports programs in

Columbia Heights, Minnesota

The primary emphasis is baseball and bowling,
but info concerning other sports is welcome.

Welcome to our home on the web. My name is Ian Stevens.
I have been a volunteer youth baseball coach since 1995.
The teams that I coached:

Squirts league (coach pitch)
Pee Wee league
12B traveling league
12-13 Irondale Baseball League
13B Fall league
14B traveling league
15A Dome league (winter ball)
CHHS Freshman (scorekeeper)
CHHS Junior Varsity (scorekeeper)
CHHS Varsity (scorekeeper)
Tri City Blue American Legion (scorekeeper)
18U Fall league
19U Fall league

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